Digital 300 Watts

Digital 300 Watts is a new generation electrosurgical unit integrated with microprocessor controls. The equipment ensures complete safety to the surgeon while operating. Combines the excellent performance of monopolar (cut & coag) and bipolar modes, this ESU is specially developed for specific surgeries where high precision and reliability is paramount. There is an added feature in it that is responsible for a good hemostasis effect with minimum cutting effect.

Features :
  • Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal the cycle is complete
  • Minimum cutting effect
  • Feedback-controlled response system
  • Bipolar output with a nonsparking characteristic
  • Prompt start even in irrigated procedures
  • Spray coagulation
  • Pure and smooth cut
  • Provides good hemostasis effect
Applications :
  • Microsurgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Laparoscopy
Technical Specifications :

Cut :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Pure99300 W500 Ω480 kHz
Blend 199250 W500 Ω480 kHz
Blend 299200 W500 Ω480 kHz
Blend 399150 W500 Ω480 kHz

Coag :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Spray99120 W500 Ω480 kHz
Fulgurate99150 W500 Ω480 kHz
Dessicate99150 W500 Ω480 kHz

Bipolar :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Soft9980 W100 Ω480 kHz
Force9980 W100 Ω480 kHz