Digital Cautery +Vessel Sealer + BI-TURP

We manufacture Turp Bipolar With Vessel Sealing Systems With Cautery, made using high grade and long performing components. Our Turp Bipolar With Vessel Sealing Systems With Cautery provides special benefits not achieved by other Turp Bipolar With Vessel Sealing Systems With Cautery. Masppo’s Turp Bipolar With Vessel Sealing Systems With Cautery is the most versatile electrosurgical generator with the added features of vessel sealing systems. It offers features and performance never before available in a single generator. This is a technology that is different from conventional diathermy & provides a unique combination of pressure & energy to create vessel fusion & permanently fuses vessels up to including 7mm in diameter & tissue bundles, without y, dissection or isolation. An optimized combination of pressure & energy creates the seal by melting the collagen & elastin in the vessel wall & reforming it into a permanent, plastic-like seal & result in virtually no sticking or charring. Feedback controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery where the seal cycle is complete.

Technical Specifications :

Cut :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Pure99400 W500 Ω480 kHz
Blend 199250 W500 Ω480 kHz
Blend 299500 W500 Ω480 kHz
Endocut9999 %500 Ω480 kHz

Coag :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Spray99120 W500 Ω480 kHz
Fulgurate99150 W500 Ω480 kHz
Dessicate99150 W500 Ω480 kHz

Bipolar/Seal :

ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Bi-coag9980 W300 Ω480 kHz
Bi-cut9980 W300 Ω480 kHz
Seal99150 W300 Ω480 kHz
Turp Bipolar:
ModeProgramsPowerLoadOperating Frequency
Tur-coag99180 W50Ω480 kHz
Tur-Cut99250 W50Ω480 kHz