We offer Electro Hydraulic Operation Theater Table Powered by European Electro-Hydraulic System
heaving capacity to left 450kg. Weight.

Special Features:

1. All positions operated through cable remote. Electric floor locking. Auto leveling (Zero function)
2. Built-in kidney bridge
3. Three Powering options
a. 230V AC mains supply
b. In build re-chargeable battery.
c. Paddle systems can be operated manually in the event of mains and battery failures.
4. The switch can select three powering options – mains. battery and power off.
5. Handheld remote control and manually foot-operated paddle control.
6. Tabletop slide up to 300 mm enabling excellent performance for c—arm & x-ray
7. Antistatic PU waterproof & antibacterial mattress.
8. Suitable for Orthopaedic, neuro, ophthalmic urology, general & Gynaec surgeries.
9. ISO & CE mark.
10. Built-in, intelligent battery charging facility driven by the independent power source.
11. German make sturdy polyurethane casters are used for scratch-free movement in modular operation