Masppo Hydraulic OT Table

Hydraulically operated table, five sections, stainless steel tabletop having all surgical
positions i.e. raising lowering, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, flex/re-flex &
chair position. Interchangeable head and leg sections. All positions operated through cranks
fitted at the side end of the table. Supplied complete with standard SS accessories &
mattress this Side End Control OT Table is mobile, hydraulically designed to support virtually all
general surgical procedures like gynecology and urology. This Surgical Table features can
be opting by its mechanism i.e. Lateral tilt, Trendelenburg] Reverse Trendelenburg, Chair
Position and Adjustable height functions.

Special Features:

  • The five section Stainless Steel tabletop is equipped with removable, antistatic mattresses.
  • All the positions are realized by a mechanical driver.
  • The table is furnished with a hard, robust stainless steel shell that provides the sense of dirt free & sanitized operations.
  • Precision made a hydraulic system with a single lever action hydraulic life controlled by a foot pedal.
  • Five sections stainless steel top gives anatomic adaptation to the patient body
  • Inbuilt Kidney Bridge and large perinea cut out for drainage.
  • Manual floor locking system.